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3.6V Micro Hydro Generator

Micro hydro power is clean, renewable energy. Here is a micro hydro generator which can supply s...

From R 333,90


4N25GV, Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, 6 pin DIP, from Vishay Semiconductor. The 4N25 serie...

From R 6,16

7-Segment Red 6.5" Display

No really - it's 6 inches (153mm) tall! This very large 7-segment display can be seen from a ...

From R 202,69

Assorted CAT5 patch cables

Assorted CAT5 patch cables - whilst stocks last.

Different colours - different lengths ( most a...

From R 13,95

Assorted USB A - miniB

Different lengths.

R 4,99

BarePaint - Conductive Pen (10ml)

Bare Paint is just like any other water-based paint... except that it's electrically conducti...

R 171,95

BarePaint - Greeting Card Kit

Bare Paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today! Thi...

R 339,95

BarePaint - House Kit

Bare Paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today! Thi...

R 366,95

Beginner Parts Kit

This is the new revision of the kit. We switched to a better trimpot and green LED. This is a kit...

From R 260,37

Cat5 Strain Relief Boot

Cat 5 Strain Relief Boot.

From R 0,10

Electronic Brick- Fully Buckled 3 Wire Cable (5 PCs Pack)

This cable is designed for Arduino sensor shield V4 Compatible with V4 digital port, basic digit...

From R 49,21

Electronic Brick- Fully Buckled 4 Wire Cable (5 PCs pack)

Designed for Sensor shield V4 and Chassis. Firm connectivity on both ends, basic analogue / digi...

From R 33,65

Grove - I2C Hub

I2C Hub Twig is an extension twig for connecting multiple I2C devices to Stem.

From R 36,46

Grove - I2C Motor Driver

The Twig I2C motor driver is a new addition to the TWIG series with the same easy-to-use interfa...

From R 211,86

Grove - Serial LCD

This consists of two parts, a module holding an 16 character by 2 line LCD, and the twig itself ...

From R 199,90

Grove - Sound Sensor

The sound sensor module is a simple microphone. Based on the power amplifier LM386 and the elect...

From R 73,93

Krone Voice Module

Krone Voice Module

R 4,95

Legrand RCA local source input

RCA local source input

R 49,95

Logic Level Converter

If you've ever tried to connect a 3.3V device to a 5V system, you know what a challenge it ca...

From R 18,78

Male RJ45 IP67 connector

RJ45 connector Rated IP67 for outdoor conditions.

Insert cable with connector - together with ...

R 9,95

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