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DMM Servo Kit

DMM-Servo kits from Canada. Each kits contains driver ( single / three phase ), motor, power and encoder cable ( both 3 meters ), DB9 and DB25 I/O interface connectors.
From R9 234,50

Leadshine ES Hybrid Stepper Kit

ES-D Series motors and drivers are closed loop servo systems and an easy drop-in replacement for stepper motors to gain higher accuracy and almost instantaneous torque.
R2 915,25
R1 979,15

Sonoff 4 Channel Smart Switch

Pro: Sonoff 4CH Pro & 4CH Pro R2 are 4 gang WiFi switches. They support switching among 3 working mo...
From R448,50

Linear Actuator

Please note, we carry limited stock of linear actuators. Please contact us if you have custom requi...
From R1 214,40

Subsequent Half Round Nut - Zinc Plated

Half-round nuts can be inserted from the top and don't necessary have to slide in. so they can be us...
From R1,95

Linear Rail - SBR Series (SBR20 - Custom Length)

Linear Rail - SBR Series (SBR20 - Custom Length)

DIN Rail Mount PCB Enclosure AK-DR-33B-A1

DIN Rail Mount PCB Enclosure AK-DR-33B-A1

Corner Bracket (Al-Alloy) - 40 Series

Create corners easily - applicable to 40 slotted aluminium. Consists of 2 parts.

Linear Rail - SBR Series (SBR12-L+/-400mm)

SBR12 offcuts- length approximately 400mm - unused.

STM32L152 Development Kit

STM32L152 Development Kit with PLC / IO extension

Profile Joint - 40 Series

Assemble slotted aluminium in corners -adjust between 0 and 180 degrees and lock in place.

DIN Rail Mount PCB Enclosure AK-DR-29

DIN Rail Mount PCB Enclosure AK-DR-29

USB Cable - A-To-MicroB (30cm - Blue)

This is a USB 2.0 type A to Micro-B 5-pin cable, which you can use for the raspberry PI. 

ACM Servo Kit

ACM Servo's are a cost-effective servo solution featuring automatic tuning for tuning of velocity and position loop to adjust rigidity and suppress vibration.
R6 737,85
R5 748,85

Nextion Intelligent Series HMI Touch Display

Nextion is a Human Machine Interface HMI solution combining an onboard processor and memory touch di...
From R1 620,04

T-Slot Strut Profile 20mm

The versatility of this modular t-slot aluminium profile system makes it ideally suitable for machin...
From R103,50

USB Cable A to B

This is a standard issue USB 2.0 cable. This is the most common A to B Male/Male type peripheral cab...
From R11,50
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