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Brass Sponge

This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue fro...

From R 42,69

Car Adapter USB Power Supply - 5VDC 650mA

This is device that plugs into the 12-24V outlet in cars. It has a USB type A connector and can s...

From R 64,09

Diagonal Cutters

Mini Diagonal Cutters. These are great little cutters! A must have for clipping leads and extra s...

From R 21,30

Digital Multimeter

This is for all those starving students that need to buy their first good, low-cost multimeter. T...

From R 219,44

Flush Cutters

These are inexpensive flush cutters giving you a way to cut leads very cleanly and close to the s...

From R 49,21

Helping Hands

Consists of weighted base, arms ending in crocodile clips, and a magnifying glass, held together ...

From R 110,64

Liquid Flux Pen - Water Soluble

This is a water soluble liquid flux pen. A flux pen is a must have when performing any kind of so...

From R 85,48

Long Nosed Pliers

These pliers are perfect in situations where your standard needle nose pliers are a bit too wide ...

From R 52,00

Needle Nose Pliers

Mini Pliers. These are great little pliers! A must have for any hobbyist or electrical engineer. ...

From R 24,09

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

This non-contact infra-red thermometer makes it a breeze to take quick and accurate surface tempe...

R 433,95

Pocket Screwdriver Set

What should every hacker have available to them? That’s right, a screwdriver (you have to g...

R 44,95

Power Supply - 12V/5V (2A)

Does your project need a little more *umph* than our wall wart adapters can supply? Why not give ...

From R 127,35

Solder Assist Kit

These solder assist tools can be widely used in printed circuit board assembly and maintenance of...

From R 116,68

Solder Paste - 50g (Lead Free)

Solder Paste Stenciling is the easiest and quickest way to solder some of the trickier SMD compon...

From R 204,55

Solder paste tube with needle

Solder paste tube with needle

R 367,89

Solder Wick #2 5ft. - Generic

Solder wick is a composed of copper threads braided together. Flux is normally added to help the ...

R 49,95

Soldering Paste

Lead free soldering paste for easy soldering, with superior quality fluxing ingredient.

R 58,68

Tool Kit - Beginner (EU edition, 230VAC)

This assortment of tools is great for those of you who are new to soldering. We've found our ...

R 381,95

Tweezers - Curved (ESD Safe)

To make sure we're always up to date on the latest in 'tweezing' technology, we'r...

From R 46,42

Tweezers - Straight (ESD Safe)

To make sure we're always up to date on the latest in 'tweezing' technology, we'r...

From R 46,42

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