Jumper Wires
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3 Pin Buckled Connector For Electronic Bricks (10 PCs Pack)

Buckled connector used in Arduino sensor shield and chassis. Use it to build your own electronic...

R 46,95
R 31,32

Du Pont Wire 40 Strand

Du Pont Wire 40 Strand
From R 64,98

Electronic Brick - 3 Wire Cable Female To Male (5 PCs pack)

This cable is designed to connect your bricks to Arduino without Sensor shield or Chassis. With ...

R 61,33

Electronic Brick- Fully Buckled 4 Wire Cable (5 PCs pack)

Designed for Sensor shield V4 and Chassis. Firm connectivity on both ends, basic analogue / digi...

R 39,23
R 26,16

Universal 4 Pin to X2 4 Pin Cable (5 PCs pack)

Use this cable to connect two I2C Twigs to one Stem I2C connector with only 1 cable. Compatible ...

R 59,95
R 23,16

Breadboard Jumper Wire (65PCs Pack)

Breadboard jumper wire 65pcs pack. 3 Different lengths: approx 220 mm, 150mm and 120mm.

(Note 1...

R 43,78

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