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Plug and Jack Set with Shield

Sold as a set, one plug and one socketMetal body is rugged and shieldedPlug body has clamp at cab...


  • Sold as a set, one plug and one socket
  • Metal body is rugged and shielded
  • Plug body has clamp at cable exit
  • Screw on ring assures plug is retained in socket
  • Mounts in 16 or 12mm diameter round or D shaped hole
  • Works with panels up to 0.125" thick
  • Works with cable diameter up to 0.275" maximum
  • 4 power pins, plus conductive metal body for shielding
  • Pins are rated for 100 volts.
  • Solder cup connections for up to 16 gauge wire
12mm set rated up to 2.5A, 16mm rated up to 8.0A
4 Pin - 12mm diameter
SKU: MOT-01489
Availability: 77 in stock
R 29,30
6 Pin - 12mm diameter
SKU: MOT-01490
Availability: 9 in stock
R 29,30
4 Pin - 16mm diameter
SKU: MOT04101334
Availability: 132 in stock
R 39,56
6 Pin - 16mm diameter
SKU: MOT-01488
Availability: 49 in stock
R 39,56
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