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Arduino in manufacturing environment

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A large international manufacturing concern in Port Elizabeth has ordered their first batch of Arduino boards to pilot an in-house developed Andon-system.

The Andon system will be responsible for:

  • Maintenance notification;
  • WIP tracking;
  • Assembly and sub-assembly stock control at the line;
  • Management reports on efficiencies, production quantities, scrap and line-downtime.

The solution features wireless Arduino based control panels communicating through a central server. The solution is cost effective, easier to customize, smaller, resilient and more flexible than traditional PLC based systems.

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Created on: 2012/05/28 10:35 AM
Interesting Project
As an arduino programmer based in P.E I am happy to see arduino making a mark for itself in the automation industry as too many people are PLC oriented and forget the power of other programming devices.