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Aluminium Brackets

Aluminium Brackets
From R4,60

Angle Bracket (Al-Alloy) - 40 Series

Create corners with 40-series aluminium extrusion.

Cap Screw

From R0,00

Corner Bracket (Al-Alloy) - 40 Series

Create corners easily - applicable to 40 slotted aluminium. Consists of 2 parts.

Cover Strip PVC

Cover Strips are to prevent slot from contamination and to improve structure appearance.

From R5,18

End Plate

To finish off your build professionally use these end-plates.
From R1,84

Flange Nut Stainless Steel(Galvanized Chrome)

A flange nut is a nut that has a wide flange at one end that acts as an integrated, non-spinning was...
From R0,55

Gusset Element

Creating strong corners on 4040 and 8080 aluminium.3680-8 - see image for dimensions.

Half Round Nut (Zinc coated Steel)

Half-round nuts can be inserted from the top and don't necessary have to slide in. so they can be us...
From R2,19

Interior Bracket (Zinc Coated Steel) - 40 Series

For mounting 40 series in 90 degree corners.

Joint Bolt / Screw Connector

Joint bolts can be used for connecting two pieces of slotted aluminium in a 90 degree angle.Tap the ...
From R1,84

Nylon Hinges

For use with our extruded aluminium.

Profile Joint (Zn-Al Galvanized Steel) - 40 Series

Assemble slotted aluminium in corners -adjust between 0 and 180 degrees and lock in place.

Slide & Hook

For use in 40 and 80 slotted extrusion.

Sliding Nut (Al-Alloy/Galvanized Nickel Steel) - 40 and 80 Series

Slide nut - suitable for 40 and 80 profiles.
From R3,68

Spring Fastener - 40 Series

Sprint fasteners provide a clean and hidden method of connecting profile at 90° without the use of j...
From R0,33

SS/Galv. Chrome T-Nut

 T-nuts for aluminium profile, 20/40 and 80 series.
From R1,96

T-Bolt Zinc Chromium Plated Steel

T-bolts can be fed through the side - or inserted from the top into slotted aluminium and can be use...
From R1,73

T-Slot Strut Profile 20mm

The versatility of this modular t-slot aluminium profile system makes it ideally suitable for machin...
From R51,75
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