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Welcome to HobbyTronics - South Africa's electronic components supplier for your electronics hobby needs. Specialist supplier of electronic components such as sensors, robotics, breakout boards, Arduino, prototyping to the hobby and educational electronics market in South Africa and Africa. We supply the components you need.

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60mm Flange 0.4kw (3000rpm) Servo Drive Plus Motor With Encoder

60mm Flange 0.4kw (3000rpm) Servo Drive Plus Motor With Encoder
R 4 104,00

ACE series

The ACE series PLC's from Velocio.Net are powerful, easy to use pocket sized PLC.The programming sof...
From R 1 491,12

HackRF One

This is the HackRF One, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral capable of transmission or recepti...
R 5 643,00

PCB Ruler v2 - 15cm for Electronic Engineers/Geeks/Makers/Arduino Fans

The first time you soldered up a surface mount component you may have been surprised "these are real...
R 64,98

Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation Raspberry Pi. It replaced the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in F...
From R 564,00

Raspberry PI 3 Case - Aluminium With Fan

Raspberry PI 3 Case - Aluminium With Fan
From R 256,50

Robotpark 6 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm Kit Info

Robotpark 6 DOF Aluminium Robot Arm Kit is a robotic arm system that has six degrees of freedom and ...
From R 1 596,00

RTL-SDR with RTL2832U and R820T Tuner Receiver

DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transf...
R 256,50

Slip Ring - 6 Wire (2A)

Slip Ring - 6 Wire (2A)
R 228,00

SparkFun Inventor's Kit - V3.2

 The SparkFun Inventor's Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware inter...
R 1 254,00

Tool Kit - Beginner (EU edition, 230VAC)

This assortment of tools is great for those of you who are new to soldering. We've found our ...

R 392,95

uArm - Desktop Robotic Arm

The uArm is an Arduino-powered, 4-axis robot arm that has been modeled after industrial pallet packi...
R 5 643,00

Weather Meters

Whether you’re an agriculturalist, a professional meteorologist or a weather hobbyist, building your...
R 1 436,40


SS/Galv. Chrome T-Nut

 T-nuts for aluminium profile, 20/40 and 80 series.
From R 1,94

Resistors 1/4Watt

From R 0,01

Rectifier Diode, 1N4007

R 0,56



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Velocio PLC's in stock - 12 July 2017
Velocio PLC's now in stock. * Free software * Easy to program ( Standard USB cable ) * 3 x Stepper motor drivers @ 250 kHz * RS232/RS485 support * Analogue In and Out * Programmable via Ladder or Flow chart * $$ Value for Money $$ Perfect for small & medium automation projects - especially driving stepper motors.
Raspberry PI 3 - $$ Special $$ - 12 July 2017
1 or 2 at only R589.00 order 3 or more only at R564.00 - qualifies for free shipping nation wide. many accessories available Best price in the country!
Nema 42, Nema 34, Nema 23 and Nema 17 back in stock, drivers and motors. - 12 July 2017
Nema 42, Nema 34, Nema 23 and Nema 17 back in stock, drivers and motors.
Stock update: SBR Rails, Ball Screws and 10x20 drag chain - 07 July 2017
Stock update: SBR Rails, Ball Screws and 10x20 drag chain Stock is currently going through customs in the PLZ harbour. Expected delivery for Monday 07/07 - time permitting we will ship all back orders and pre-orders out on Monday - alternatively Tuesday.
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