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Welcome to HobbyTronics - South Africa's electronic components supplier for your electronics needs. Specialist supplier of electronic components such as sensors, robotics, breakout boards, Arduino, prototyping to the hobby and educational electronics market in South Africa and Africa. We supply the components you need.

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ACM Servo Kit

ACM Servo's are a cost-effective servo solution featuring automatic tuning for tuning of velocity and position loop to adjust rigidity and suppress vibration.
R6 737,85
R5 748,85

DMM Servo Kit

DMM-Servo kits from Canada. Each kits contains driver ( single / three phase ), motor, power and encoder cable ( both 3 meters ), DB9 and DB25 I/O interface connectors.
From R9 234,50

Leadshine ES Hybrid Stepper Kit

ES-D Series motors and drivers are closed loop servo systems and an easy drop-in replacement for stepper motors to gain higher accuracy and almost instantaneous torque.
R2 915,25
R1 979,15

Linear Actuator

Please note, we carry limited stock of linear actuators. Please contact us if you have custom requi...
From R1 214,40

Lora - The Things Gateway - 868Mhz

Lora - The Things Gateway - 868Mhz
R2 841,65

Rigol DS1104Z 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels

Rigol DS1104Z 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels
R10 120,00


Resistors 1/4Watt

From R0,34

SS/Galv. Chrome T-Nut

 T-nuts for aluminium profile, 20/40 and 80 series.
From R1,96


Aluminium back in stock - Tuesday, 12 February 2019
After an uncontrollable delay at customs, we have aluminium extrusions and accessories back in stock.
Mach3 Laser Setup Guide - Wednesday, 23 January 2019
We receive many queries on how to connect a laser to a Mach3 breakout board. The following web address describes in details the steps required: Or you can download the PDF:
Aluminium stock update - Tuesday, 08 January 2019
We are expecting new stock to arrive 4th week of January of aluminium and accessories.
Ball screws, SBR rails and spindles stock update - Tuesday, 08 January 2019
We are expecting stock to arrive 2nd week of January 2019 of ball screws, SBR rails, spindles and accessories.
Sonoff WiFi Switches - Tuesday, 08 January 2019
Sonoff WiFi switches arrived and are now back in stock.
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