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ACE series

The ACE series PLC's from Velocio.Net are powerful, easy to use pocket sized PLC.The programming sof...


The ACE series PLC's from Velocio.Net are powerful, easy to use pocket sized PLC.

The programming software is free and an off-the-shelf USB cable will make the connection between PLC and PC. Software is also available to create HMI displays for a Windows PC which can show real-time process values for output and buttons / sliders for input.

Programming can be done via ladder-logic or drag & drop with flowcharts.

We chose this specific PLC since it can support up to 3 stepper drivers with a total of 250 kHz. This will allow many of our customers to use an industrial grade device to control simple processes with 6- 12 digital inputs and digital outputs, RS232 and RS485 communication

The base model starts with 6 inputs and 6 outputs.

We will be adding more accessories shortly - in our excitement we ordered the PLCs without optional accessories.


  • Digital Input
  • Digital output
  • Stepper Motor Driver
  • Programmable with ladder or flowcharts
  • PWM Control
  • Extension Modules
  • Free software + support for HMI's
  • Standard USB mini-B programming cable
  • Power Requirements: 5V max. 300mA power supply
  • RTC ( no battery backup )


11 - 6 digital in, 6 digital out
SKU: PLC-01709
Availability: Out of stock
R 1 491,12
22 - 12 digital in, 12 digital out
SKU: PLC-01710
Availability: 1 in stock
R 2 706,36
1430 - 6 digital in, 12 digital out, 1xRS232/RS485
SKU: PLC-01711
Availability: 1 in stock
R 2 850,00