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Battery Holder - 4xAA Drawer (Panel Mount)

Four AA batteries... there's nothing like a simple, replaceable power source. This battery holder wi...
R 171,00

Battery Holder 4xAA with Cover and Switch

This 4xAA battery holder puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder...

R 39,90

Coin Cell Holder - 12mm

Through hole 12mm coin cell holder. It's the unit we like to use as RTC backup and SRAM backup for G...
R 12,49
R 5,20

Coin Cell Holder - 20mm

Basic 20mm coin cell holder. Posts can be inserted into 0.1" perf board! Holds the common CR2032 typ...
R 17,04
R 5,20

Coin Cell Holder - 24.5 mm

Through hole 24.5 mm coin cell holder. This holder fits our rechargeable 24.5mm Lithium Ion coin cel...
R 17,04
R 5,20

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